Saweetie and How to Handle Gaslighting

In many cases, celebrity breakups are their own special brand of train wrecks. However, once in a blue moon they can offer some valuable insight. Case in point: the recent breakup between musical artist Saweetie and Quavo of the hip-hop group Migos.

A brief history: the two began dating two years ago and all seemed well… until yesterday when Saweetie confirmed that the couple split via Twitter, with two tweets that packed quite the punch:

There are several things I love about this. For one, she quickly took control of the narrative rather than letting the gossip blogs speak for her. She also told the truth without being malicious or overemotional. I also admire how she ended things on a positive note. She could have gotten messy and aired out all of their dirty laundry, but she merely addressed it, stated the facts, and was ready to just keep it pushing.

But of course, Quavo couldn’t let her get the last word. His statement was Gaslighting 101: he’s the one at fault, and yet he weakly attempts to make her the villain. However, her zen response is just aspirational:

Imagine someone expressing disappointment at you for their actions. Whew! Again, she could have gone all the way off on him, and rightfully so. Instead, her two-word answer spoke volumes. The lesson is: there is no need to dignify foolishness with a conversation. Clearly Saweetie graduated with honors from the Omarion School of the Unbothered and I couldn’t be more impressed.

May we all learn how to walk away from the table when loyalty is taken off the menu and find fullness in choosing yourself first.

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